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Meadow Gold POG Juice
Meadow Gold POG Juice
Item# MGPOG2011
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Product Description

Meadow Gold POG Drink. Triple fruit (Passion fruit, Orange and Guava) juice made from a concentrate. 11.50 fl. Ozs. 6 pack. Made in Hawaii and shipped from Hawaii.

This is not a concentrate. Chill and it is ready to drink from the can.

People often ask us.... where can I buy pog drink or do you have pog juice for sale? Yes, you can purchase it right here online at It is available right now.

No artificial colors and flavors. Non-carbonated.

Ingredients: Water, sugar, guava puree, concentrated orange juice, concentrated passion fruit juice, citric acid, pectin, ascorbic acid (vitamin c), annato (color), and shade red natural color.

A wonderful item for..... any Hawaiian luau, birthday party or holiday gift.

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2- 6 packs (12 cans of POG drink): 37.99 ($13.15 shipping included); 3.17 per can.

3- 6 packs (18 cans of POG): 45.99** ($18.40 shipping included); 2.56 per can (+2 free cans added just in case something breaks).

4- 6 packs (24 cans): 60.99* ($26.30 shipping included); 2.54 per can.

5- 6 packs (30 cans): 73.99** ($31.55 shipping included); 2.46 per can (+2 free cans added just in case something breaks).

6- 6 packs (36 cans): 86.99*** ($36.80 shipping included); 2.42 per can (+4 free cans added just case in something breaks).

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