About us

Thank you for considering We offer many popular and sometimes unique products from Hawaii like Meadow Gold POG Juice, Mamaki Hawaiian Tea, Taro Brand Powdered Poi and many more! We have earned a reputation for providing excellent customer service and high quality products to all of our customers.

Pahoa Sunrise L.L.C. has been in business for about 13 years selling our Hawaii products throughout the United States. Many of you may remember us as Pahoa Sunrise Floral Company. For more than 40 years, my family has been growing exotic anthuriums and beautiful dendrobium orchids in Hawaii.

Our tropical flowers are all grown on the Island of Hawaii (aka The Big Island). It provides the best climate and richest soil for our tropical flowers and plants. The Big Island is world renown for its various lush tropical flowers and botanical gardens. Some of which include, Anthuriums, Orchids, Heliconias, and many other types of tropical flowers and plants.

We offer a variety of tropical flowers and plants that will add a special touch when the occasion calls for it. Tropical flowers and plants are great for weddings, birthday parties, anniversaries, graduation parties or even for something simple and different to give to that special someone.

So when you are looking for tropical flowers online, think Pahoa Sunrise where we provide you with some of the world’s most beautiful flowers from the tropics!

In addition to our flowers, we offer our very popular Kauai and Kona Coffees, local style pickled seeds/fruits (sometimes referred to as crack seed), seasonings (ie. Hawaiian Salt, shoyu or soy sauce, Hawaiian style barbeque sauce, etc.), fruit juices (POG, Guava, Pass-O-Guava Juice, etc), natural herbal teas, and other great items.

We ship our products via USPS Priority/First Class Mail throughout the United States. We also send most of our unique Hawaii items to military address throughout the world (exception of tropical flowers).

Mahalo for visiting us!