Hawaiian Sun Passion Orange Guava (POG) Drink

Hawaiian Sun Passion Orange Guava (POG) Drink
Item# HSNPOG082008
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Product Description

Hawaiian Sun Passion Orange Guava Drink. 100 Percent Natural. Contains Natural Cane Sugar. 11.50 fl. ozs. 6 pack. Made in Hawaii.

No artificial colors and flavors. No high fructose corn syrup. Non-carbonated.

Please feel free to mix different items and flavors. See FAQs (2nd one) below about saving a few dollars with our Flat Rate Shipping.

Availability: Yes, it is available right now!

Allergy/Caution information: Not available

Storage information: Keep in cool and dry location.

Wonderful item for Hawaiian luau, birthday and holiday gifts, dinners and parties, after workouts, thank you present, and dessert time, etc.

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