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Order Journey of My Heart
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Shipping cost is already included in the price listed on the website. The price of sending 1 book is $5.50. The cost of one Journey of My Heart book is $14.95.

Free 2 ounce bag of Kona Coffee Offer: If you purchase one Sherry Gervacio’s Journey of My Heart- A Collection of Poems book, you will receive 1 2-oz bag of Kele’s Freshly Roasted Kona Coffee No. 1 Grade. This offer is good until February 28, 2008, and offered exclusively only through

Shipping Information:

Shipping costs are already included in our prices. For Journey of My Heart orders, we will mail your items out via USPS First Class/Priority Mail within 72 hours (excluding weekends). As a result, your copy should take about 5- 7 days for the product to arrive. If we are not able to send your product out within the time frame mentioned, we will contact you via email.

We ship our Hawaii products throughout the United States, including Alaska.

One of the benefits when you order from us is our personal service. Someone will be in constant communication with you once we send out our only automated acknowledgement. Also, we monitor your order to ensure it is being delivered efficiently to the recipient. For instance, we will make sure your order is correct and verify your address, and email you when we send the item out, and contact you again after it is delivered. For all orders, you can specify when you want your item(s) to be delivered. All you need to do is write your preferred date in the comment section.

Combining Products:

If you are interested in combining two or more Journey of My Heart books or other non-flower items (e.g. Kukui Nut Leis or Macadamia Nuts) going to the same address, we will be able include it in the same box. Unfortunately, we will not be able to include it with your flowering tropical plant, dendrobiums leis or tropical flower assortment in the same box.

Special Message and Card:

We will provide a card with your special message at no cost. Just write your message in the comment section when you place your Journey of My Heart book order.

Contact Us for any Questions:

Please feel free to contact us either via email or by telephone at (808) 551-8832.